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My Why: Terri

  My why: At 16 weeks gestation, I learned that my first daughter was terminally ill. The home birth I had planned for us was replaced with weekly trips to University of Utah and Primary Children’s. I mentally transitioned from a noninvasive home birth to a scheduled cesarean. Before delivery, she passed away. Through this process I learned to question. I learned to be my own advocate. And even though the outcome wasn’t what I had wanted, I was still able to find beauty in the birth of my daughter. I was supported and held up by my husband, mother, and sisters. This support was critical to how I remember this beautiful time.  When I had my second daughter, I wanted it to be as close to my original birth plan as possible. I hired a Doula, and I was able to have a natural unmedicated birth. Both of my birthing experiences had one thing in common. The emotional, physical, and mental support I needed to remember my births as empowering, and beautiful.  Studies show that women’s memories of