My Why: Terri

 My why:

At 16 weeks gestation, I learned that my first daughter was terminally ill. The home birth I had planned for us was replaced with weekly trips to University of Utah and Primary Children’s. I mentally transitioned from a noninvasive home birth to a scheduled cesarean. Before delivery, she passed away. Through this process I learned to question. I learned to be my own advocate. And even though the outcome wasn’t what I had wanted, I was still able to find beauty in the birth of my daughter. I was supported and held up by my husband, mother, and sisters. This support was critical to how I remember this beautiful time. 
When I had my second daughter, I wanted it to be as close to my original birth plan as possible. I hired a Doula, and I was able to have a natural unmedicated birth. Both of my birthing experiences had one thing in common. The emotional, physical, and mental support I needed to remember my births as empowering, and beautiful. 
Studies show that women’s memories of their birth experience are long term, they are etched in their memories, and upon their hearts. 
As a Doula I will help empower you to achieve the birth experience you want. I will support your power of choice. I will help you get the information you need to make informed decisions. I will support you physically with specific comfort measures. I will encourage you when things get hard. And even if things don’t go quite as planned, I’m prepared for that too. I’m prepared to help with anything from an unmedicated birth to a cesarian delivery. My goal is to support you, and protect the sacred memories of your birth. Whatever that may look like. ❤️


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